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Solar for Homes by Inborn Energy

Get the right solar for your HOME

Get the perfect solar power solution for your home that fits your needs, budget, and is reliable. Keep your home powered on solar & reduce your power bills. The SolarBOX delivers power for your critical loads at an affordable cost. It also has battery backup to ensure you have power when the sun goes down.

The SolarBOX for homes comes in 3 packages - Base, Essential & Max - to suit the varying energy consumption for homes of different sizes. Regardless of your power use, the SolarBOX promises to deliver the power you need.

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> Get Started Guide


Solar may be a complex topic. We break it down to help you get started on your solar journey.

Why Solar Makes Sense


Get to fully explore the potential of solar power for your home or business, and have the right information to enable you make the decision. 

Cost of Going Solar


Full disclosure of the how much it costs to go solar, broken down by all its components and what to expect.

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Solar for Homes by Inborn Energy


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> SolarBOX MAX

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