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You can generate your own solar power today. Use solar power as your primary source of energy, and the utility as the backup. 


For industries and production plants that desire to reduce power costs, implementing a grid-connected solar solution is a great way to achieve significant savings on your power while ensuring your services are never interrupted.

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

~ Grid-connected solar power for your entire industry
Inborn Energy Solar Installation.jpg

For industries and production houses that mostly operate during the day, the SolarSTATION solution is a cost effective way of powering your facility using solar during the day, and using the utility for the remaining few hours. Up to 60% of power costs can be off-set by using a grid-connected solar solution. And since the installation requires no battery backup, the cost of the project is significantly reduced. 


> Features:

  • Grid-connected systems, working alongside existing utility and diesel generators.

  • No batteries required, reducing upfront costs.

  • Short ROI & payback periods. 

  • Can be configured to meet the specific power demand of your premise.​ 


> Ideal for: 

Facilities with roof/ground space requiring to reduce power costs.

Financing Options Available. Talk to us today on 0723 736 121
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