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Our solar microgrid solution is affordable and delivers power to locations without existing power infrastructure. The solution can be developed for own consumption or onward selling to the community.

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

~ Solar Power for Micro-grid
Solar Panels Ground Mount.jpg

The SolarSTATION micro-grid solution delivers a deliver a flexible and tailored solar solution, with solar power as primary source. Depending on application, it can be integrated with generator powered by diesel, and configured in terms of energy production and storage. 


> Features:

  •  24/7 energy supply, off-setting need for generator or unreliable electricity.

  • Quick Deployment and setup.

  • Clean and safe energy 

  • Scalable: Increase capacity with increasing energy use

  • Minimum maintenance and associated costs

  • 24/7 energy supply 

  • Designed specifically for off-grid, rural applications 

  • Robust, suited to harsh environments 

> Ideal for off-grid electrification: 

Refugee Camps, Hospital & Health Centres, Schools, Community Centres, Religious Centres, SMEs 

Industrial / Agricultural processes

Financing Options Available. Talk to us today on 0723 736 121


0732 291 633 | 0723 241770 

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