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You can generate your own solar power today. Use solar power as your primary source of energy during the day, and the mains as the backup. 


Get solar power solution for your home that fits your needs, budget, and is reliable. Keep your home powered on solar & reduce your power bills. The SolarBOX delivers power for your critical loads at home an affordable cost. It also has battery backup to ensure you have power when the sun goes down. 

There has never been a better time to declare independence. Generate Your OWN POWER today.

> SolarBOX
Solar power for Lighting+ TV+ Phone Charging+ Fridge ~
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The SolarBOX delivers solar power for critical loads in homes at an affordable rate. The SolarBOX comes in 3 packages - Base, Essential & Max - to suit the varying energy consumption for homes of different sizes. Regardless of your power use, the SolarBOX promises to deliver the power you need.


> Benefits:

  • Generate Your OWN POWER

  • Reduce your electricity bills by upto 80% by using solar power

  • Have backup whenever there is a power outage

  • Affordable solar power that meets your budget

  • Easy to deploy and install within few days

  • Lithium battery with service lifetime of 10+ years

  • Modular solution that can be scaled up as your power needs increase

  • Go green and be sustainable

  • Monitor your power use

  • Reduce your dependence on the utility, and even go completely off-grid

> Features:

  •  Sufficient solar power for the home, reducing your power bills

  • Available in 3,6 & 10kwH systems

  • Upto 8 hours of backup power for critical loads in the home - Lighting, TV, Phone Charging, Fridge (Optional)

  • High quality lithium-ion battery with battery management system (BMS)

  • Neat, compact packaging for fast deployment 

  • Can be configured to meet your specific power demand.​ 


> Ideal for: 

Standalone homes with roof or ground space | AirbnB | Guest Houses

Financing Options Available. Talk to us today on 0723 736 121


0723 736 121 | 0733 970 690 

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