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There are many brands and types of inverters in the market today. Different inverters are suitable for different needs, and should have specifications to help you understand a solar panel’s performance, quality, and durability. Our Solar Inverters Reviews offers a straight-forward, not too technical basis to enable you choose the right inverter with the right specifications, warranties & durability, making it easy to select the best one for your unique needs.

> SolarEdge Inverters

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  • Superior efficiency with power optimizers.

  • Excellent reliability with standard 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25 years.

  • Built-in module-level monitoring receiver.

  • Quick & Easy inverter commissioning from your smartphone.

  • High safety standards.

  • Not ideal for smaller systems because of higher voltage levels.

  • Installation needs trained technicians.

  • Optimization increases system cost on a one-to-one comparison.

  • AC output voltage (nominal): 220/230V

  • Inrush current AC (Peak/Duration): 2.8/20 

  • Total harmonic distortion:<3%

  • Max. output fault current: 38A

  • Utility monitoring, islanding protection, country configurable thresholds: Yes

  • Over-voltage Category: Class III

Homaya by Schneider Electric

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  • Hybrid inverter charger that works with both solar & mains.

  • In-built artificial intelligence to prioritize solar over mains

  • Protection against short-circuit, high temperature & Internal fault.

  • Limited capacity to 1500 VA.

  • Low thresholds for current for certain application.

  • Maximum Power: 260 watts AC Input - 230V AC, 50 Hz

  • AC output - 850VA - 230V AC, 50 Hz

  • DC output - 12V, 20A

  • Recommended Battery Size - 12V, 100Ah to 200Ah

  • Recommended Battery type - Supports Tubular, Flat plate, GEL/VRLA battery

  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) - 375 x 315 x 135

 Sacolar Inverter


  • Hybrid inverter & charging system

  • Configurable AC/Solar/Battery input priority.

  • Provision for parallel operation

  • Wifi/GPRS Remote monitoring features 25 year warranty.

  • Some models don't have MPPT controller.

  • Lower power factor for low spec versions.

  • Maximum Ratng: 4KVA / 4KW

  • System Voltage: 48V

  • MPPT Current: 80A

  • AC Charging Current: 60A



All inverters we sell are tested & approved. We don't just sell you anything. This is the Inborn Guarantee.

   * All items at Wholesale Price

   * All inverters tested & reviewed for minimum quality specifications.

   * Brands that you can trust

   * Buy from us, Collect in your nearest town

   * Installation & support countrywide

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