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There are many brands and types of inverter-chargers in the market today. Ensure you choose the best one for your use and application, which will meet your performance, quality, and durability. Our Inverter- Charger Reviews offers a straight-forward, not too technical basis to enable you choose the right charger with the right specifications, warranties & durability, making it easy to select the best one for your unique needs.

> Homaya 850/1500

  • Hybrid inverter charger that works with both solar & mains.

  • In-built artificial intelligence to prioritize solar over mains

  • Protection against short-circuit, high temperature & Internal fault.

  • Limited capacity to 1500 VA.

  • Low thresholds for current for certain application.

  • AC Input: 230V AC, 50 Hz

  • AC output: 850VA - 230V AC, 50 Hz

  • DC output: 12V, 20A

  • Recommended Battery Size: 12V, 100Ah to 200Ah

  • Recommended Battery type: Supports Tubular, Flat plate, GEL/VRLA battery

  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 375 x 315 x 135

Victron 800/1200/3000

Victron Inverter Charger Inborn Energy.p

  • Two main outputs for connecting primary & secondary loads.

  • Parallel for up to 6 units, offering virtually unlimited power.

  • Single units can be configured to give 3-phase output.

  • Can be used in both off-grid & grid connected PV and other alternative sources.

  • Multiple controls available - control panel, battery monitor, remote management system.

  • Seemingly overlapping product ranges that can be hard to choose without expert advice.

  • AC Input: 187 - 265VAC, 45 - 60 Hz

  • AC output: 230V 2%  50 Hz

  • Max Efficiency: 94%

  • Ptotection: Short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, high temperature.

  • Integrated battery temperature sensor. 

  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 375 x 214 x 110

 Sacolar Hybrid Charger


  • Configurable battery/solar/AC input priority

  • Compatible with mains & generator

  • Configurable charging parameters that is suitable for all rechargeable battery.

  • Parallel operations for some models.

  • Well priced across different charger ranges.

  • Limited range of not more than 5kVA.

  • Some models have PWM and not pure sine wave output.

  • AC Charger Range: 170 - 280 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • AC output: 230V + AC

  • Maximum PV Array open circuit voltage: 50 - 90 

  • Maximum solar cherge current: 50A.

  • Maximum solar cherge current: 20 - 50 A



All inverter chargers we sell are tested & approved. We don't just sell you anything. This is the Inborn Guarantee.

   * All items at Wholesale Price

   * All inverter-chargers tested & reviewed for minimum quality specifications.

   * Brands that you can trust

   * Buy from us, Collect in your nearest town

   * Installation & support countrywide

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