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There are many brands and types of all-in-one power backups in the market today. Some have specifications to help you understand a systems's performance, quality, and durability. Some do not. Our Reviews offers a straight-forward, not too technical basis to enable you choose the right solutions with the right specifications, warranties & durability, making it easy to select the best All-in-One for your needs.

> PowerBOX by Inborn Energy

PowerBOX by Inborn Energy.jpg

  • Affordable backup for critical loads at home - Lighting, TV, Phone Charging, Fridge.

  • Scalable, increasing capacity as budget becomes available.

  • Uses both solar or mains.

  • Compact box for quick setup

  • Well priced for value it delivers.

  • Not ideal backup for commercial applications.

  • Capacity: From 3 kwH

  • Battery: Deep cycle lead acid.

  • Depth of Discharge: 50%

  • Backup Hours: up to 7 hours for lighting, tv, fridge and phone charging.

  • Installation: Ground mounted

  • Can be customized for specific power needs

  • Does not power heavy loads such as microwave, iron box, instant shower, electric kettle

> Powerwall 2 by Tesla

Powerwall by Tesla.jpg

  • Sleek & modern design.

  • Automated system requiring no maintenance.

  • Weatherproof batteries that can be installed outside.

  • Smart inverter that monitors energy in real time on app.

  • Expandable up to 10 batteries.

  • 10 year warranty 

  • Long lead times for delivery, sometimes up to years.

  • High price point compared to equivalents.

  • Capacity: 14 kwH

  • Depth of Discharge: 100%

  • Efficiency: 90%

  • Power: 7kw peak/5kw continuous.

  • Battery: Lithium ion (NMC)

  • Installation: Floor/Wall mounted.

  • Scalable: Up to 10 units

 LG Chem RESU [Residential Energy Storage Unit]

LG Chem Inborn Energy.jpg
  • Compact size foe easy installation.

  • Superb energy storage system with a long lifespan 

  • Powerful performance with 95% efficiency.

  • Lamination & Stacking technology ensures 80% capacity retention after 10 years.

  • High safety standards.

  • 10 year warranty 

  • Limited availability in most of Africa for retail sales.

  • Capacity: 6.5 kwH

  • Depth of Discharge: 100%

  • Efficiency: 95%

  • Power: 4.6 kw peak/4.2 kw continuous.

  • Installation: Floor/Wall mounted.

  • Compatible inverters: SMA, SolaX, Ingeteam, Redback, GoodWe, Sungrow, Victron.

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All integrated backups we sell are tested & approved. We don't just sell you anything. This is the Inborn Guarantee.

   * All items at Wholesale Price

   * All backups tested & reviewed for minimum quality specifications.

   * Brands that you can trust

   * Buy from us, Collect in your nearest town

   * Installation & support countrywide

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